Centre for Advanced Research in European Philosophy (CAREP) is a unique intellectual centre in Canada. It promotes the advanced research of current developments in European philosophy with the intention of bringing these to bear on research carried out in Canadian and North American contexts. The Centre offers facilities for fellows and researchers to engage in original philosophical work through lectures, study-days, conferences, seminars, research and publication.  Established and set at King’s University College, the Centre seeks to enhance and extend the College’s commitment to the humanities.




The purpose of the Centre is to create a public and scholarly space where researchers, scholars, students and teachers from Canada and abroad can come together to study and research both the legacy and recent developments within the tradition of European philosophy.  CAREP also seeks to help develop and promote new research and scholarly initiatives within European philosophy. Finally, CAREP will be the only Canadian centre of its kind, and it wishes to serve as a focus point for European Philosophy in Canada; it will try and connect diverse Canadian and European philosophy initiatives, including the Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy, Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy/Revue canadienne de philosophie continentale as well as members of the Canadian Philosophical Association interested in European philosophy.  Finally, we seek to build a larger, more connected philosophical community that will bring together the diverse interests of various scholars and philosophers.


We propose to carry out various activities in order to fulfill the mandate of the Centre.  First, we will host a series of lectures and talks. We aim to bring to campus both established scholars/philosophers as well as newer and upcoming ones.  This will facilitate exposure to established and emerging trends in European thought. Second, we wish to hold specialist seminars or study days, where mostly Canadian philosophers and scholars can come to discuss and think about various issues or philosophers within the tradition. Third, we hope to be able to organise and host series of conferences and lectures around themes, philosophers and issues within European philosophy. Fourth, we would also like to launch a modest publishing programme, whereby we can publish proceedings and talks as well as original research that is carried out under the auspices of the Centre.  We would work with the Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy as well as the Canadian Philosophical Association to do so.  Fifth, we would like to contribute to the already existing library collection at King’s University College by adding books and journals relevant to the work of the Centre.